Facts about the feeding station

The station started in 1978, a time when the eagles were endangered and the survival of the juveniles was poor. Today the work has proved succesful and the population of White-tailed Eagle has steadily increased in Sweden and is now well over 500 pairs. The population of the Golden Eagle is around 400-500 pairs, but the rate of fledged chicks varies widely during the years.

Since an extensive ringing scheme is performed on both species the main purpose is focused on research on plumages, distribution and recovery of rings. Eagles are ringed with two colour rings. The ring on the left tarsus indicates the year of birth and on the right tarsus the area of birth. Thus it's possible to get exact age and origin of a ringed eagle. In addition to this all eagles without rings that are visiting the station are photographed. Since eagles don't change all feathers every summer it's possible to recognize an individual by comparing feathers from last winter. Most important is to get good photos of the tail.